Lavender App - Sleep & Relax

Relax your mind and fall asleep in seconds with a collection of ambient and nature sounds stations in one place.

  • spa

    Relax your mind

    Discover the high-quality sleep and relaxation sounds to sleep better, relieve stress, and wake up in a good mood.

  • nights-stay

    Fall asleep with no worries

    Turn on the scheduled sleep timer to automatically stop the sound.

  • self-improvement

    Calm down anywhere & anytime

    Play the sound in the background or cast it to any device

  • draw

    Intuitive and aesthetic design

    Improve your quality of life with our user-friendly application.

Calm your anxiety and sleep better with music

Explore our collection of soothing radio stations ranging from ambient streams to original nature sounds in the background.

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Take a break with healthy articles

Read always up-to-date unique articles, exclusive breathing technics, and sleep advice.

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Enjoy the high-quality sleep sounds

We have nature sounds, rain sounds, meditation sounds, white noise, and many more to fall asleep in a blink of an eye.

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Fire crackle sound

Sleep Sound

Rain sound

Sleep Sound

Make tea anytime

Discover unique tea recipes with a brewing timer for even better mornings and nights.

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Lavender will help you with:

  • cloud moon

    Sleep disorders

  • raindrops

    Find inner peace

  • eye-off

    Anxiety or stress

  • compress arrows

    Improving focus

Lavender App

We are a cross-platform application and support iOS and Android. Get the app now!